1. /ˈevEr,RēˌTHiNG/ 
  2. pronoun
  3. 1. All encompassing; all things of importance.
  4. 2. Often used as hyperbole to describe yours or the appearance of someone else in a positive way.
  5. 3. Cult status loungewear that is luxurious but affordable and oh so covetable.
  6. "Did you see her outfit last night? It was EVRRYTHNG!"

EVRRYTHNG was launched in 2020 by Kelli Oakes, a designer and product developer by trade and an influencer and content creator by chance. Gathering over a decade of experience in sourcing, designing and producing for other brands such as Tory Burch and Victoria’s Secret. Kelli used her expertise, blind confidence and industry connections to launch her own collection!

Designed for your evrryday; for brunching, for relaxing, for special events and nights on the couches, for champagne-ing (technically not a word, but we know it is), and to feel comfortable AND sensual while making a statement.

All of our Collection I signature buttery soft Sets & Robes come with detachable ostrich feather cuffs in your choice of color and can be switched out to create an entirely new look! We encourage refreshing your pieces and re-wearing over and over for evrr and evrr. Add exxtra cuffs to your cart to create your own unique color combinations. Looking for luxury for even less? Check out our Sale Rack.

We decided to shake things up in Collection II by bringing you a two-faced slinky cocktail / sleep dress. Why should you choose between the two when you can have both?! That’s how we feel about most things in life but especially about the Gemini Reversible Midi Dress. Made from our slightly textured but exxtra buttery silky satin on both sides, this dress is reversible with a complimentary color on each side. Two is better than one, after all. This versatile little number was designed to take you evrrywhere, from a black-tie event to your own cozy bed.


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