The Beginning of Evrrythng

All Dressed Up With Evrrywhere To Go

Evrrythng was founded in 2020 by Kelli Oakes, a New York based designer and product developer by trade and an influencer by chance. With over a decade of experience in sourcing, designing and manufacturing for other brands she used her expertise, blind confidence and industry connections to launch her own.

Inspired by the looks of editors, bloggers and socialites with a feigned look of irritation on their faces stopping for photographers outside of the shows at NYFW, knowing damn well they couldn’t wait to see the proofs. As a young fashion student new to the city, Kelli watched these fashion show attendees with awe noticing how they wore outrageously luxurious and over the top pieces with such ease & confidence.  She would soon come to understand and relish in the fact that New Yorkers can make even pajamas chic enough to wear to a black tie event with their inherently impressive styling skills. More often than not, these industry celebrities styled their wildly expensive designer pieces with the most unexpected pairings like dirty sneakers or vintage graphic tee shirts. It was the most quintessentially New York thing, taking something beautifully elite and making it your own.

We sought to create beautiful but accessible pieces for women in which they could truly make their own through flattering silhouettes, eye-catching details and customization. We believe all bodies are good bodies which is why our models are all different shapes and sizes.

Our first evrrythng collection is easy loungewear meets cocktail attire. Designed for your evrryday; for brunching, for relaxing, for special events and nights on the couches, for champagne-ing (technically not a word, but we know it is), for making a lasting first impression, and simply to feel comfortable and look fabulous at the same time. We understand that to evoke the confidence to wear an outfit that is undoubtedly attention grabbing, you must possess the ability to make it your own. All of our pieces have trimmings that are customizable to fit your personal aesthetic. We encourage you to try unexpected color combinations and have fun creating your perfect evrrythng.

Evrrythng was created to evolve, not to follow fleeting trends, but to grow and continue to create intriguing pieces for people who choose to dress themselves in a way that is unapologetically bold.

Did you see what she's wearing?!

Stay Tuned Babe
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